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The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson nonfiction because both are about transgender discovery and family. Retro Report Web video series because these short, thoughtful documentaries circle back to stories that dominated news cycles decades ago — such as Dolly the cloned sheep, the McDonald's coffee lawsuit, shaken baby syndrome and the "Mommy Wars. Criminal podcast because it is also a sober yet fascinating in-depth look at crime from many angles — survivors, perpetrators, witnesses and more.

The Amityville Horror movie because the first season of Horror Story was focused on a house filled with malevolent spirits, just like the Amityville Horror movie. Indeed, Horror Story 's loose plot of a family moving into a home where a grisly murder occurred, only to have it drive the father mad, is straight from the Amityville book and movie, which always claimed it was based on a true story.

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The Rage Of A Privileged Class by Ellis Cose nonfiction because this book is a serious look at how accomplished black professionals still feel the sting of prejudice and racism despite their wealth, power and achievements. Black-ish at times feels like the comedy version of that notion, revealing how an upper-middle-class black family in California still struggles to navigate race, class and stereotypes, 23 years after Cose's.

Billy Bathgate by E. Doctorow novel because it'll bring you back to the blood feuds and high-stakes of Depression-era gangsters — only this time, lowering the camera so you can see it all from the perspective of a precocious teen. It's Boardwalk Empire Coppola's movie centers on the gangsters who frequented the whites-only Cotton Club in the s; men who Steve Buscemi's Nucky Thompson negotiated with and fought for the duration of Boardwalk Empire.

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A Simple Plan movie because it explores what happens to seemingly good people after a huge amount of illegal money enters the equation — how manipulative they become and how quickly they lose their sense of right and wrong. Romy And Michele's High School Reunion movie because it centers on a similarly quirky and self-assured duo and portrays an equally accepting female friendship. Sooo Many White Guys podcast because it's a comedy podcast that features guest appearances from and the editorial direction of the one and only Ilana Glazer.

Obvious Child movie because it's a comedy in which two strangers come together after a fling results in pregnancy — though this story has a very different outcome. The Longest Shortest Time podcast because it's a brutally honest exploration of the triumphs and pitfalls of parenthood. The Julian Kestrel mystery series by Kate Ross novels , which star a gentleman detective with the seductive allure of Wickham and the moral uprightness of Darcy, and contain superbly twist-ridden plots to boot!

Tremontaine by Ellen Kushner et. Plus, if you liked Kushner's Riverside novels, this is a return trip to that sparkling world. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams novel because we're not getting more new adventures with the Doctor until next year, so Dirk Gently — which Douglas Adams based on his famously unfinished Who serial, Shada — is a delightful stopgap. The Company series by Kage Baker novels because part of the fun of time-travel stories is the way everyone invents their own version of the technology, and Baker's immortal cyborgs working forward through time saving lost things are a fascinating and fresh approach.

Also, I bet Mendoza would go with the Doctor.

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Longbourn by Jo Baker novel because it's a re-working of Pride and Prejudice from the servants' point of view, and an exquisitely rendered portrait of life belowstairs. Cold Comfort Farm movie because, set a few years after Downton 's conclusion, it also deals with the rigid class structures of British society, but with a hugely funny, satirical edge. Beyond The Lights movie because it's a soapy take on the music industry, but this movie has a swoony romance at its center. Hustle And Flow movie , the indie film about a pimp who wants to become a rapper. It also starred Terrence Howard and Taraji P.

Henson, and in many ways, Empire is about Howard's character DJay, 10 years later.

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The Group by Mary McCarthy novel because while some things change, something women have been figuring out their lives and their loves in New York for a long time. Frances Ha movie because it's a clever, clear-eyed glimpse of the same rocky pursuit of adulthood — and reasonable rent — undertaken by those eponymous GIRLS. The Sword by Joshua and Jonathan Luna comic series because it's about a young woman with phenomenal powers, tracking down the people who destroyed her life, and trying to keep her friends safe at the same time.

Harley Quinn And Power Girl by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner comic series because this bizarre, six-issue comic book series has humor, charm and powerful female heroes. The story centers on Powergirl, who is an alternate universe version of Supergirl, teaming up with Harley Quinn after the two are accidentally thrown into another dimension. I suggest it because Jessica also is often in uneasy alliances with other women — some friends, some not — to defeat a greater evil.

That also happens with Harley and Powergirl, who, like, Jessica, have to defeat a knuckleheaded guy to get what they want — a way home.

The Diary of an Unexpectant Mother - Surprise Pregnancy to SAHM

Alice Isn't Dead podcast because it's a dark, moody and atmospheric woman-against-the-world story, with a super creepy enemy and a heroine who is deeply afraid and fights on anyway. Blood Will Out by Walter Kirn nonfiction because it's about a man who, in this case, claimed to be part of another rich New York family the Rockefellers but turned out to be both an impostor and a murderer. Foxcatcher movie because if you like tales of criminally weird rich people, you should check out this movie — loosely based on real events — about multimillionaire heir John E. DuPont's lethally ill-fated attempt to break into the world of Olympic wrestling.

Abstract: Abnormal length of the first stage of labor in nulliparous women first pregnancy can be related to severe anxiety during labor. Based on the preliminary survey in several private maternity clinics at the working area of Delta Puskesmas, Deli Serdang District, it was found that there was a prolonged first stage of labor The purpose of this study was to analyze the influence of anxiety level to the length of the first stage of labor.

The type of this study was an analytic survey with explanatory research type. The samples comprised 40 childbearing women in private maternity clinics of Kasih Ibu, Kurnia, Tanjung, Wanda, and Mayana which were located in the working area of Delitua Puskesmas, Deli Serdang District, using accidental sampling technique. The data were gathered by using questionnaires and analyzed in the univariate analysis by using frequency distribution form, and bivariate analysis using Chi-Square test.

It is recommended that health providers should provide standardized services to childbearing women, especially to nulliparous women, so that their level of anxiety can be decreased facing the first stage of the labor process. It is also recommended that the husbands should support their wifes by positive behaviors so they will not think about negative things on their babies and on themselves. Maternal mortality rate in Sumatera Utara in last 6 years showed the downward trend from in every Labor is an important occurrence for parents and family.

Fetal growth will make a mother more easily exhausted, hard to sleep and breathless. Even the strongest woman felt the same thing. Fear and too much worry would make concentration disturbance on preparing to face labor. If this condition happened unexpectant mother would not have an optimal preparation to labor her first baby Utami, The anxiety factor on mothers could make labor progress become longer and it will impact on morbidity and mortality rate because of painful feeling Nayak, Prolonged labor usually happened in the first stage of labor.

This stage is a progress of cervical dilatation until complete American Pregnancy Association, The birth mother was offered a myriad of choices regarding the adoptive parents. Not only was she able to choose life for her baby, but the kind of life she hoped of, even dreamed of, for her unborn child. This particular birth mother made all of the following choices regarding the adoptive parents of her child: locale suburban, inner-city, or rural , education level of parents, language spoken in the house, and ethnicity of parents, to name but a few.

In essence, the birth mother was able to dream for her child and then give her baby the gift of those dreams. The adoptive couple was notified and arrived at the hospital within 24 hours following the birth of the baby. Both couples, birth and adoptive, were able to bond with the baby and each other. Additionally, both couples, birth and adoptive, were able to provide love and care to this special baby that would be blessed to have birth parents so willing to choose life and dream dreams for her, while also being blessed to have an adoptive family so willing to choose to love her as their own child.

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The colleague was there, lying drowsy from the prior nights potations, but not unexpectant of the return of his friend. Every other virtue poses; none is absolutely unconscious and simple, and unexpectant of decoration or recognition, like this.

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Rhodes then fell like an avalanche upon the unexpectant and now thoroughly disorganized divisions of the retreating enemy. I started the trip to see the real French Army in the most open but unexpectant frame of mind. Related: Expectantly.